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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

If you plan to move shortly, then there are certainly some things you need to plan for ahead of time. For things to go well with the move, you need to start taking steps a few months before the move to make it run smoothly. By following these steps, moving day will not be nearly as stressful.

Two Months Before the Move

Perform some research. Gather your records.

  • Perform some research. While you may have picked out your house and signed the papers at this point, you will want to take time and become familiar with your new neighborhood.
  • Gather your records. Dental and medical records need to be among some of the priorities on your list at this time. Much the same goes for children’s school records. Obtaining these records can take some time, so you need to request them as soon as possible.

Six Weeks before the Move

Take an inventory. Start packing

  • Take an inventory. Instead of doing a mad dash to pack everything at once, you should take this time to start looking at how you will handle the more important items. After all, the last thing you want to do is misplace some of your more valuable items during a move.
  • Start packing. Once your inventory and garage sale is finished, now would be the time to start packing. Organization is essential to keep this move as simple as possible. It will also keep the unpacking process at your new home easy. This process will also tell you if you need movers or not.

One Month before the Move

Place in a change of address form. Call the moving and storage company. Call your utility companies. Check your vehicle. Contact other important business connections. Make travel arrangements. Start removing perishable foods.

  • Place in a change of address form. You need to make sure the post office has time to reroute your mail to your new address. An option exists to date the move to a specific date, so you can still receive mail at your current address until you move.
  • Call the moving and storage company. In order to make sure you have the right truck available for the right amount of time, you need to call the moving company as soon as possible.
  • Call your utility companies. Even if you are moving across the city, you need to notify all of your utility companies. This situation means you need to call them for both the home you will be leaving and the home you are moving into.
  • Check your vehicle. No matter how far you plan on moving, you need to make sure your vehicle is good to go as well. Be sure to check tires, fluids, and so on. Doing this now will allow you the time to see a mechanic if need be.
  • Contact other important business connections. Now is the time to make sure you start contacting your insurance companies, banks, health clubs, pharmacies, monthly memberships, and any other businesses with which you regularly interact with to make sure they are aware of your move.
  • Make travel arrangements. Depending on how long your move is distance wise, you need to take care of planning travel arrangements. Parking tickets, planning meals, arranging for gas money, and scheduling hotel stays should be done at this point.
  • Start removing perishable foods. Now is also the time to start streamlining the food in your current house. At the same time, you should start packing up non-perishable foods as well.

One Week before the Move

Look over your plans. Make necessary payments. Prepare an essentials tote.

  • Look over your plans. You need to make sure everything is in place. Double check on your travel arrangements and contact the moving company to make certain they are in place. Also, make sure the movers plan to come early.
  • Make necessary payments. If you have not paid any bills at this point, you need to do so. Also, you need to contact your credit card companies and your bank to make sure fraud alerts are in place, just in case something happens during the move with suspicious spending activity.
  • Prepare an essentials tote. If you have not done so already, you need to pack a tote full of essentials that you might need as soon as you arrive at your new home. Such items should include the following:
    • First aid kit
    • Flashlight
    • Lightbulbs
    • Paper plates, towels, disposable utensils, and toilet paper
    • Small toolkit
    • Trash bags
    • Utility knife for opening boxes

Pack odds and ends for travel. Prep your appliances.

  • Pack odds and ends for travel. Other than having that tote, you also need to make sure you have toiletries and prescriptions ready for travel, especially if moving to the new home lasts more than a day or so.
  • Prep your appliances. Gas needs to be drained from lawn mowers and other lawn care equipment. The same goes with gas grills and heaters. Also, if you have not done so already, your refrigerator and freezer have been defrosted.

Moving Day Arrives

Pick up the truck or wait for it to arrive. Perform a final walkthrough.

  • Pick up the truck or wait for it to arrive. If you do not plan on having a moving and storage company at the ready to help you out, then you need to go and pick it up yourself.
  • Perform a final walkthrough. Once everything has been loaded up, you need to take a second or third chance to walk through the house and make sure you did not leave anything behind.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Last Minute Tasks to Do Before You Move

    Are you planning a move soon? If so, you’ve probably already made lists of what to pack, things to clean, and contacts to check in with about your new address. Have you considered those last-minute tasks that usually fall through the cracks and lead to moving day panic, though? If not, here’s your guide to getting those done before you go:

    Cancel Recurring Charges

    From magazines and newspapers to subscriptions that you don’t want to transfer to your new location, you’re sure to have multiple recurring charges that need canceling in the last days before you move. Do this a month before your move date, or as soon as you’re able to.

    Snap Photos to Make Life After the Move Easier

    The way cords connect to your electronics, the way things are supposed to be assembled or decorated – it can all be easy to forget in the chaos of a move. To keep it simple, snap photos of your larger items and collections before packing them so you can refer to those images once you’ve relocated.

    Pack a First 24 Hours Box

    Those first few hours after you move will be some of the most stressful, especially if you don’t have easy access to the things you’ll need right away. Pack a box with the following items to keep with you, so you’ll be able to get to what you need immediately:

    • Hygiene items
    • Bedding
    • Snacks
    • Garbage bags
    • Simple cleaning supplies
    • Clothing for 24-48 hours
    • Pet items
    • Favorite toys for children
    • Phones, tablets, chargers, etc.

    The most important thing to do when you’re wrapping up your move is to relax and reach out for help when you need it. When you need help bringing everything together, count on the local moving experts at DFW Fireman Movers to help you create the best possible moving experience – and make sure nothing is forgotten.

  • Moving with Your Pets

    Moving can be stressful in the best of situations. Adding pets to the equation creates a whole new list of problems that must be addressed before, during, and after you relocate. Here are some helpful tips for moving with your furry friends:

    Keep Pets Out of the Action

    Your pets don’t need to help you with the move, so don’t let them be part of the hustle and bustle of the move. Keep them in safe areas, away from the main action of moving furniture. They’ll be less frightened and remain safe from accidents this way.

    Put Your Pet’s Necessities in Your First-Night Box

    You probably know that your family will need a first-night box to access items of necessity right away once you’ve relocated. This should include your pet, too. Medications, food, favorite toys, and treats should all make it into this box, as well as a way for you to dispose of your pet’s droppings or mess appropriately.

    Touch Base with the Vet

    For families moving into a new area, you’ll need to find a new veterinarian. Contact your current provider to be sure that records are transferred or made available to you, so you can offer them to your new provider.

    Keep Your Pet Nearby but Don’t Let Them Explore

    Your pet may want to be let out of their carrier or want to stretch their legs in your new neighborhood, but they will need a few days to acclimate to their new home before this is a good idea. Let them get used to being near you in the new location – and understand that this is their new home – before letting them outdoors or into the rest of the house to explore.

    For the best experience possible, choose a moving company that is pet-friendly and understands the needs of clients with pets. At DFW Fireman Movers, we can help make your moving experience as stress-free as possible – for you and your pets!

  • Marcia M.

    Thanks for making our moving day easy!!!

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    The team introduced themselves to my wife and me. They were very careful with the items and the house. They worked very fast and carefully, Take care & be safe.

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    Thank you for the response. The guys on the crew were awesome both times we used them to move. Will highly recommend to anyone.

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    Thanks for your services……we were very pleased with the movers that you sent.

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    Your guys did a fine job today! They were very courteous and respectful young men. Thanks for a smooth move!

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    Great job on our move, by the way. Everyone was very courteous and hardworking.

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    I wanted to take the time to let you know that your men today who moved my wife from Weatherford to Ft. Worth were the BEST MOVERS I have ever had in my 55 years of life. They were genuinely nice, polite, fun, and did an incredible job moving all of my stuff on a very humid day! You have 3 great workers and I would heartily recommend your company to anyone!

    Thank you!

  • Thanks S.

    Things went great this weekend with Marcelo, Victor and Rick. Got everything done in a timely manner.



    We hired fireman movers to help us move into our new home. They showed up and were very professional as well as courteous to moving items that were very important to us. In the future I will defnitely be using these guys again and I recomend them to all of our friends who are looking for an upstanding approach on moving.



    We hired fireman movers to help us move into our new home. They showed up and were very proffesional as well as courteous to moving items that were very important to us. In the future I will defnitely be using these guys again and I recomend them to all of our friends who are looking for an upstanding approach on moving.



    We hired fireman movers to help us move into our new home. They showed up and were very proffesional as well as courteous to moving items that were very important to us. In the future I will defnitely be using these guys again and I recomend them to all of our friends who are looking for an upstanding approach on moving.