Frequently Asked Questions


Many customers always ask do we do in house moves such as when new carpet or flooring needs to be installed, or when items need to moved for the attic to the garage.

The answer is yes we do this all the time.


Do we have only a pickup and delivery service only? Yes to that question.

If you call for information we can assess the items and give a cost.


How big are your trucks?

We utilize 24-26 ft. fully enclosed box trucks. We are often asked how much can a truck hold? Our answer is “how much stuff do you have?” In general, a truck will hold an average 1500 – 1900 square foot house.


Do you charge more for heavy items?

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSWe use a time based costing model. While there are no extra charges for 3rd floor moves, upright pianos, additional steps, or extremely heavy objects like safes, it will take more time and we may need extra workers to ensure the safety of your possessions and our movers. The sooner we know about these items, the smoother and more efficient your move will be.


Why might I need an additional truck or more movers?

We may suggest an additional truck for efficiency which will save you money in the long run. It often takes less time to load and unload 2 trucks or have an extra set of hands. The cost of an extra truck may cost less than having to make a second trip to complete your move.


Do we need to clear out the drawers of our dressers?

No. We do ask that you remove any fragile objects and/or objects of value.


What type of equipment do you bring on a typical move?

We bring 4′ x 4′ moving pads, 2 covered dollies (with rubber, air inflated wheels), 1 appliance dolly, 2-4 wheel dollies, 1″ nylon webbing for securing furniture once it is inside of our truck, multiple large rubber bands for securing around furniture to keep doors from swinging open and a well stocked tool box.


Why might my job take longer than the estimated time?

You may have accumulated more items than you think you have. In addition, multiple stops, assembly/reassembly of items, traffic, weather, road conditions (our company policy is that we do not drive on toll ways), changing your mind about where items go, or not having someone available to direct placement of items may all increase the actual time it takes to complete your move.


When is payment due, and what payment do you accept?

Payment is due at the end of the job. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.