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The beautiful city of Fort Worth is located in North Central Texas and is increasing in popularity, even when compared to its neighboring city, Dallas. Dallas and Fort Worth make up the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metroplex with a population of 7,637,387, making it the most populous metropolitan area in Texas and the Southern United States and the fourth-largest in the U.S.

Although often grouped together by non-locals, there are distinctive differences between Dallas and Fort Worth. Fort Worth is a laid-back city and is considered more "Texan" than Dallas, which has a more urban atmosphere. 

Fort Worth offers its residents a healthy job market, a thriving economy, and plenty of housing. Whether you are an individual, a young family, or a retiree looking to settle down in the vibrant laid-back city, this is the place to come. If you are looking for a reputable full-service moving company, consider DFW Fireman Movers, as we are ranked as one of the best Fort Worth, TX movers. We offer our clients convenient moving solutions paired with a wide variety of services fit to move the things you treasure most. We promise to bring a level of care and professionalism unmatched in the moving industry.

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    What Makes DFW Fireman Movers The Best Fort Worth, TX Movers?

    Hiring a professional moving company is crucial if you want to relocate without the hassle and stress. No matter the size of the job, we understand doing it alone is not always the easiest and want to help.

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    Extensive Experience

    In our 12 years of experience in the moving service industry, we have handled nearly every moving situation. We offer flexibility based on each customer's needs and specialize in residential moves that may include fragile and valuable items.

    Locally Operated

    Locally Operated

    We are a team of off-duty firefighters living in the communities we serve. Therefore, we have a vast knowledge of the area, which facilitates getting you moved in quickly and easily.

    Team Work

    Team Work

    With our firefighting background, our team spirit is a foundation that gets the jobs done. We bring the highest level of teamwork and care to each job.

    Custom Solutions

    Custom Solutions

    Every move is unique, so we design a plan to meet your timeline, budget, and preferences. We offer free quotes and typically ask you to include the details we need in advance so we can be prepared and give you an accurate estimate.

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Exceptional Customer Service

    We know happy customers are the best advertising, and we've built our reputation around high-quality customer service in every moving experience we provide. You can trust our competent and experienced staff to handle everything from start to finish and guarantee complete satisfaction.

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    Professional, Safe and Reliable

    We ensure you get the high-quality moving and relocation services you deserve by utilizing tried and tested moving techniques that guarantee safety and efficiency.

    Why Hire Professional Movers?

    The hassle of packing, moving, and handling all the details of relocation can be overwhelming. For many people, that invites room to procrastinate. However, knowing that your personal belongings, furniture, equipment, etc., are handled by us can keep your move on schedule. 

    When you partner with the best Fort Worth, TX movers, you can have peace in knowing your valuables are being handled by our dependable team at DFW Fireman Movers. When we say a full-service moving company, we mean it. Below is a list of our services:

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    As a full-service moving company, we provide packing services using high-quality moving and packing material you need to ensure your possessions stay safe and secure throughout your move.


    Multiple delivery

    Whether you move from suburb to suburb or across town and need multiple stops to collect all your personal belongings, we provide that service without charging extra for the additional stops.

    Storage facility transportation

    Storage facility

    If you need to store away or pick up some of your belongings in a storage facility within the DFW area, our local moving crews can get you there and count it as a part of your move with no additional charges to worry about. 

    Loading and Unloading Containers/Moving Trucks

    Loading and Unloading Containers/Moving Trucks

    We can save you time loading and unloading trucks, allowing you to focus on more important things, like settling into your new home. Our local moving crews are physically fit and capable of handling all the heavy lifting and other demanding moving labor services.

    Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly

    Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly

    If you are worried about your items being too large to transport, there is no need. Our movers will carefully take them apart and reassemble them again at your new destination.

    Choose DFW Fireman Movers as Your Preferred Moving Company

    Feel free to contact us today to schedule a moving service that is convenient for you. We look forward to collaborating with you to make your next move the best experience possible!